Our Story


Chicken & Grill is a family owned business in the beautiful hub of Bondi. The menu will surprise you and appeal to all arrays of taste buds! Our food is prepared and served with a promise across our four key core values: experience, quality, value and taste. The way we cook our chicken and how we prepare our menu comes from the heart with the love of food. We dedicate ourselves to seeing the joy our local customers experience when they appreciate our hard-work. Our family believes that food brings people together and if you cook it well enough they will keep coming back. It all began 20 years ago when a young man decided to start experimenting with food. This young man was inquisitive and motivated and believed that customers will always support excellent quality and great tasting food. This young man is known as Joe and this is Joe’s story... 

Joe believed that customers knew what they wanted which formed the core values of his business model… experience, quality, value and taste. This would take time though and not happen overnight. Joe worked in several food enterprises working himself up through various roles…starting as kitchen hand, then cook and many years later as an incredible chef. 

In 2005, Joe became a business partner in a take away food outlet and finally owned his own food business in 2009. By this stage, Joe was eager to put his many years of experience to the test and trail new products to the market. He did this particularly with burgers and salads and the results were remarkable. Joe believed in thinking well beyond the square and thinking big. 

On Sunday 6th june 2012, Joe attempted to break the guinness world record for largest burger commercially available! The attempt captured worldwide public and media attention and helped raise money for the children’s hospital. The big burger weighed in at 96kg and took 3 months to plan, 24 hours to create, 81kg mince, 120 eggs, 16 tomatoes, 120 cheese slices, 2kg lettuce, 21kg bread, ½ kg bbq sauce, and four men to flip. Joe was approached to re-make the big burger for a festival and took the opportunity to raise money for charity…photo with a burger for a donation to the children’s hospital. Now, with an amazing new venture, still including our much-loved burger range, we have taken on the opportunity to expand our menu to incorporate succulent chicken and salads along with much more to showcase the experience, quality, value and taste we guarantee our customers.